Free Bets with Bookies Online and How They Work

Betting at horse races involves investment of your money, and there is no guaranteed return on your investment. Some online bookies offer you free money that you can use for your horse racing experience. This money is called a free bet, and you usually get it from an online bookie for signing up with them.

You can use a free bet to place an online bet on a horse race for free. It is more like a complimentary offer from the bookmaker when you agree to play at their website. It could either be free money or credits that get credited to your account. There are a few things about free bets that you need to know, however, before you get down to using them.

More about Free Bets

As mentioned earlier, you get a free bet at an online bookie’s website when you register to play with them. Generally, the free bet is credited to your online account on fulfillment of a certain condition or set of conditions; mostly that condition is deposit of money into your online account. However, in the case of many online bookies, you get the free bet credited into your account only after you have placed your first bet.

You can use your free bet to place bets. If you are at the website of an online bookie into horse racing, you can use the free bet you get (on opening your account or placing your first bet) to bet on a race of your choice. In most cases, you can use the free bet on any of the markets that the bookie caters to, though in some cases there may be limitations on the markets available to you. One thing is clear, though: in most cases you cannot redeem the free bet as soon as you receive it. However, if you do use your free bet and score a win, you are legally allowed to keep the winning amount.

How to Claim Your Free Bet

Now that you know what a free bet is and how to use it let us see how you can claim it. The first step is of course to find an online bookie of your choice. You can do this by checking online and going through their reviews. Once you have selected your online bookie, you can now check the free bets the bookie is offering. Open an account with the bookie by providing all the required details and deposit funds into your newly opened account. In most cases, you would now need to place a wager using these funds for the free bet to be available to you.

To find the best free bets available online, you can search out websites with listings of the different online bookies and the different free bets each of them offers. Once you select the bookie there and are re-directed to their home page, the process is the same as mentioned in the earlier paragraph. At the end of the process, the online bookie credits a free bets voucher or code to your account.

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