Horse Betting Tips and Advice

In any sport that involves betting, where you are investing money in expectation of a return, some advice on how to optimize your spend and hopefully maximize your returns is always welcome. This page provides some basic tips on horse betting, advice that can help you enjoy your horse betting experience more.

Some Basic Horse Betting Tips and Advice

If you are a beginner or newbie to the world of horse racing, you must know that there is a method to the whole horse betting process. As a one-off experience it may feel great to just randomly place a bet and enjoy the rush when your pick wins, however that is only a one-off usually. Betting is serious business and involves analysis and planning to a great extent. To know whether a horse is likely to win a race, it is important to know details about its earlier performances, rating, and other such information. Only then can you take a call on whether to put your money on it or not. You can get this information at the race track itself, by using the following tools:

  • Racetrack program: This contains all the information on the horses, trainers, jockeys, and owners at a race. It is not too expensive to buy and worth it, because knowing about the different players in the race will give you clarity while choosing a horse to bet on.

  • Daily Racing Form (DRF): This contains all information regarding the past performances of the different horses in a particular race.

  • Handicapping Tip Sheets: These are tip sheets that are published daily by the handicappers at the race track.

More Horse Betting Tips and Advice

The DRF and handicapping tip sheets can give you vital information on the horses and players at a race track. You can then analyze this data and take a call on how you want to go about wagering. However, there is one thing that you will not find at the race track – advice on spending.

One of the keys to good horse betting is consistency. You have to be consistent and methodical in your betting strategy, and not emotional. Betting is finally a business, because you are putting in your money and expecting a return on it, and it has to be therefore systematic. The best option is to work out a system that more or less works for you, and then stick to it. If there is a certain type of bet you are placing because you know the kind of returns it will give you, do not ditch it after two no-shows; it is very possible you might score with the third one.

One of the keys to winning consistently is planning. Like in any other betting activity, planning how you will spend your money on bets is important because it allows you to ensure an even spread the way you want it and then it is all about waiting for the returns.

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